Some things that Learning Disabled people need to bear in mind when posting on forums or Facebook groups:

1. Forums are not technically a democracy, often whatever the forum host says, goes. They do not neccersarilly have to answer to anyone. 
2. Anyone can set up a forum on any topic.
3. The nature of forum hosts vary. Some may be concerned for the welfare of their members, others may primarilly see their forum as a status symbol(even if the forum supposedly caters to vulnerable people). 
4. If possible, try observe the conduct of regular posters on the forum and learn from it. This’ll give you an idea of how to conduct yourself on that forum and therefore help avoid conflict. 
5. People may act differently in private online space(emails, private messages etc) than they would in a public online space(forums). 
6. If the conduct of a forum host makes you uncomfortable…LEAVE!
7. Remember that people online are as real as people offline, but that their offline life will take priority. While it is possible to make great friends online, be patient with them.


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